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Friday, February 24, 2012

Big News!

So many of you may know by now that Jake, Averi, Barley and I are expecting a new little bundle of joy around the end of August! We are all still adjusting to the news but I am finally starting to get excited! I know just now getting excited??? But yes I felt constantly sick with this one and exhausted so it is quite difficult to really feel excited. So to catch you all up here is the back story.

Christmas morning I woke up and figured that Santa would be bringing me a surprise and because we would be out all day I figured I should probably prepare myself. Well I look at my phone and to my surprise I am 4 days late. So yeah Santa brought me a present but not the one I expected :) So I take a test and BAM positive! Holy crud not expecting that! (yes we were not not trying but I didn't have any indication like I did with Averi so I really did not think that I was Prego) so anywho everyone gets up we open stockings and I tell Averi come on lets go get the present Santa left in your room for daddy. SO we get the stick, which is now in a zip lock bag and she carries it to daddy who is thinking its a thumb drive for the ipad until he turns it over and realizes nope its a test. So he is thrilled Averi is looking at him like he's crazy and we get dressed and go about our day. (i'll have to post the video later)

A few days later I'm still not feeling much so I take another test and yep still pregnant :) And two days after that my hell set in nausea all day long everyday until just recently at 12 weeks it finally started calming down. Now at 13 weeks I only get nausious right before I eat.

So Averi is excited and Jake is excited and soon hopefully I will feel normal and be excited too. Right now its so hard chasing Averi, chasing the dog Barley and to top it all off I only sleep until about 2 in the morning before I am tossing and turning all over the place. But I know the excitement is coming! I can feel it, its hidden and its pops out every once in a while so I know its there its just masked by my overwhelming fear of having two kids! Ok well I will attempt to get on and post the video's and sonogram pics. Also I have to get you all up to date on Averi! She is hysterical!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today I finally got my blog on my phone! Well hopefully so this will b the test! So yesterday Averi is trying to go up a hill and she falls on her butt and ends up rolling all the way back down. I was laughing so hard and she just looked at me like huh what. It was great!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 weeks!

So miss Averi is 5 weeks old! how did this happen? She is doing great and getting big! we went to the dr yesterday and she is 9 lb 3 oz. So here is the break down of dr appts so far. At birth she weighed 7 lb 15 oz but lost 6 oz in the first two days at the hospital. Then at her first week dr appt she weighed in at 7 lb 12 oz Dr. Taylor was very impressed that she is only breastfed and gained that much weight which made me feel great! At her 2 week appt she gained more weight bringing her to 8lb 2 oz. and 1.5 inches to bring her to 20 inches long. Yesterday we went to the dr because she had yellow crusty stuff on her ear so I took her in... any who it ended up that she just had cradle crap (hehe) on her ear.

So she is smiling all the time especially in the morning when we are hanging in bed making faces. its so cute I absolutely love it! It makes all those night feedings so worth it! On another note she totally has the Duma genes. She is a great pooper and when she toots the whole room hears and when she burps she sounds like a grown up. haha gotta love it.Auntie Kara would be so proud. I will post pics later Miss A is up and wanting to eat:)

co sleeping the big debate

Ok so this is a huge controversially debate, but with that being said this is the deal... If your child will sleep longer with you in your bed then do it! If it helps keep you from going mad because you are so exhausted then bring them in bed with you. At every stage of their life you are going to have to break them of some habit so this is just one more that you will have to break. With Averi the 1st week she slept on my chest for every nap and at night. Week 2 she slept next to me in our bed every night, this got me up to 4 hours of sleep in a row some nights. After that I transitioned her to her bassinet we are doing great and I'm sleeping and not hurting anyone so I say that it worked great for me. So all you mommies out there do what feels right and not what everyone else says to do or not to do. And if you think about it your child is out in this cold world where she/he has to adjust to being hungry, cold, breathing all for the first time so why also force them to be alone? I think that this is a great transition they already have to adjust to so many new things. Anywho that is my view on it and I just had to get it out so if your baby sleeps with you or on you for a while don't feel bad, I'm sure that there are a lot more mom's out there that did the same :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3.30.2010 Labor!

Ok so I'm going to try and write this post before miss Averi wakes up so her it goes...

3.26-have had contractions for 2 days now but they are no where consistant. Go into the dr's and am told that I am 2 centimeters and very thin.
3.30- I am woken up at 2 am with contractions, 4 am they are consistantly 10 minutes apart. Tell daddy not to go to work but to work from home. 11 am go into dr's and i'm at a 3 dr. Biter strips my membranes and sends me home (Membrane stripping could possibly be the worst feeling. He is half way done and I tell him to get out I've changed my mind...nope he finishes and sends us home and tells us to call when they are 3-5 mins apart and/or my water breaks) At about 330pm Daddy and I try to take a walk to get mail... totally didn't work out very well. We get home I try to finish getting the ipod ready for labor music and I tell him I think its time to call the dr. At this point they were every 2-4 min's apart and lasting approx. 2 minutes each. We call and off to the hospital we go.

We got to the hospital about 5 pm, and we are at 4 centimeters! what it took me 4 days to go from 2 to 3 and i'm only at a 4. daddy thought that we were going to be at the hospital forever butI knew that we were having you on the 30th! So we are hanging out having contractions and at 7pm dr Capetankis comes and checks me and i'm at a 6. He asks about breaking my water but I'm no dumb girl I remember the membrane stripping so i'm like heck no! (later I'm told this does not hurt at all.) oh well. At some point Jakes Dad and Dora bring him fast food... All I could smell was those dang onions and being that we really don't eat fast food Jake during labor got sick, not sure if it was due to the fact that we don't eat that food or the fact that he ate it in maybe 3 bites. so back in the shower I go to start having 2 contractions in a row! both lasting about 2 minutes with approx. 15 seconds inbetween each. so between the shower and the bed for monitoring we bounce between the two. At some point in the shower I loose my plug and thats when daddy and I start having "the talk" I'm telling him i want drugs and he is telling me that everything that I think I can't handle I'm handleing and I say "I can't do this" and he says "but you're doing it" this goes on for a good 5 minutes. Finally I tell him "fine this is the deal, when they check me in 10 min if I'm at an 8 I will continue drug free otherwise hook me up with the goods!"

10 minutes later I'm in bed, get checked and the nurse says "you're at a healthy 8" dang! but never again did I mention drugs :) ok so at this point I tell her that I need to push at which she replies "you can't push until your 10 otherwise you could make your cervix swell which makes delivery harder" crap! so my body is screaming push this dang kid out and you're telling me to not push. So for the next hour or so Jake and I are breathing in eachothers face with him telling me not to push. i'm holding onto the bed bar like its my life line and Jake telling me to try to relax. hahaha funny! So now I'm like holy crap call dr cap get him in here to break my water so I can push because whether I'm at 10 or not I'm going to start pushing! so finally 10 pm in walks dr cap confirms that I'm at a 10 and ready to go! Those words never sounded so good! so now we are ready for the good stuff so with 4 sets of pushes Averi Ann Gonzales makes her way into the world. I got to feel her head as she was coming out and Daddy was down checking it all out! onto my belly she came and with one tiny cry she let us all know that she was here and doing good. The rest of the night she was wide eyed and greeting all her guests. (uncle Ralphie was the first person to hold her after me and daddy and then Aunt Kara, Aunt Lindsay, Grandpa Steve and Grandma Julie) After everyone left she got her first bath and all cleaned up and back to mommy.

We had an interesting stay at Encintas Scripps and it is one that will have to be told later as little miss Averi is ready for food!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny things husbands say while your pregnant

1. "wow you gained 5 lbs... see thats not too bad" The nurse automatically asks if he would like to go sit in the waiting room, hehe

2. " I'm just looking for something for dinner that isn't too much work for you." He quickly trys to laugh this off and says "wow that totally slipped out" hahaha yeah and that knife totally slipped hehe no this was actually quite funny.

3. now remember this is at 40 weeks and 3 days he say's this while pinching my cheek, "wow you're definitely ready to have this baby." I start laughing and ask him what he means and he says while laughing "ummmm you have this glow about you" hahha why do I find this funny?

Things Efrain has said to Jillian:
1.Well, Efrain told me that my hips are getting bigger, and after I gave him the death look, he added, "But I like that"

2.Or when he asked me if I would be upset if I hit the 200 pound mark again like I did with Addyson...again gave him the death look and he said "What? I don't know anything about weight"

Haha there should be a class that tells men that when we get pregnant they need to keep their mouths shut even if we are chasing them with deadly objects they are in the wrong, they need to apologize and just realize that we might be slightly crazy at the moment but we are building the next generation and its normal to act a little crazy, but with them saying these types of things it just makes it worse. Even if we both find it funny its still no wonder that we have moments :)

40 weeks and 4 days....

Ok baby Girl it is now about that time to start packing your bags! Thats right you are going to be evicted very soon! Had a dr appt last Friday (40 weeks and 1 day) I was told that your head is so low that he can feel you! and my cervix is very thin and dilated to 2. That means that while you are painfully grinding your head you are getting your mama ready. But now its 3 days later and your mama is ready. I have had contractions all night and here it is 1 pm and still having them but haven't had one in a little while so i'm starting to think they have gone away again. They have been coming and going all last week but not to this extent so I started to think that soon you would be here but I'm guessing it was just another trick you wanted to play on me. And you daddy is sooo ready for you to be here he just can't wait any longer to see you and hold you, I know that we are going to be crying fools when you finally get here all this pent up anticipation is starting to kill us! Yesterday we went to see your favorite movie (Alice in Wonderland) and just like when I read this story to you, you started kicking like crazy when Alice fell down the hole and daddy was amazed at how much you moved throughout the movie especially when it got really loud. Well baby girl mommy and daddy and big sis Barley are ready for you (well almost let me finish cleaning the house and the laundry) then you can come. Love you a million times a million!

Love Mommy!