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Friday, February 24, 2012

Big News!

So many of you may know by now that Jake, Averi, Barley and I are expecting a new little bundle of joy around the end of August! We are all still adjusting to the news but I am finally starting to get excited! I know just now getting excited??? But yes I felt constantly sick with this one and exhausted so it is quite difficult to really feel excited. So to catch you all up here is the back story.

Christmas morning I woke up and figured that Santa would be bringing me a surprise and because we would be out all day I figured I should probably prepare myself. Well I look at my phone and to my surprise I am 4 days late. So yeah Santa brought me a present but not the one I expected :) So I take a test and BAM positive! Holy crud not expecting that! (yes we were not not trying but I didn't have any indication like I did with Averi so I really did not think that I was Prego) so anywho everyone gets up we open stockings and I tell Averi come on lets go get the present Santa left in your room for daddy. SO we get the stick, which is now in a zip lock bag and she carries it to daddy who is thinking its a thumb drive for the ipad until he turns it over and realizes nope its a test. So he is thrilled Averi is looking at him like he's crazy and we get dressed and go about our day. (i'll have to post the video later)

A few days later I'm still not feeling much so I take another test and yep still pregnant :) And two days after that my hell set in nausea all day long everyday until just recently at 12 weeks it finally started calming down. Now at 13 weeks I only get nausious right before I eat.

So Averi is excited and Jake is excited and soon hopefully I will feel normal and be excited too. Right now its so hard chasing Averi, chasing the dog Barley and to top it all off I only sleep until about 2 in the morning before I am tossing and turning all over the place. But I know the excitement is coming! I can feel it, its hidden and its pops out every once in a while so I know its there its just masked by my overwhelming fear of having two kids! Ok well I will attempt to get on and post the video's and sonogram pics. Also I have to get you all up to date on Averi! She is hysterical!

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